Try to follow me on this...I'm gonna circle the airport a couple times, but ultimately, it will (hopefully) be fun!

Today is Kids Day with the Buffalo News....hundreds of special edition papers were sold for $1 on every street corner (ok maybe not EVERY one, but if you were commuting this morning, it was like a game of Frogger out there!).  All proceeds benefit local children's charities:  Women and Children's Hospital of Buffalo, the Robert Warner MD Center for Children with Special Needs, Children's Charities of WNY, and Cradle Beach.

It's the 34th year for the fundraiser, and I can't help but conjure up thoughts like this...



Then, I get a little old-timey....and think of the ultra cool slang used by whippersnappers in the 20s...So I'm gonna tell a little story here.  If you can "translate" what I'm talking about, you could win a gift certificate for Gullo's Garden Center!  Here goes!



Here's the "script" to help you navigate along....if you can translate all terms in BOLD, you could win a gift card to Gullo's Garden Center!  (email your answers to


Let's see how well you know your onions.

Keith Kelly's a regular Oliver Twist, especially after his giggle water.  See, when he's half-sea's over, he might pull a Daniel Boone, so take it easy on a toot.

Me, I prefer the noodle juice, even though I'm no cancelled stamp!  I've been known to be a real bearcat....some may even say I'm a choice bit of calico.

By the way, if you stop into Paula's for a sinker, you won't find one Mrs. Grundy there...and if ya do, tell it to Sweeney!

Now you're on the trolley!  Don't be a dumb Dora!  Hop in the old hay burner and stop by Mike Barney Nissan...where everything's Jake!

No time for dewdroppers, I'm off to make some mazuma.  Remember, don't take any wooden nickels.  That's just applesauce.

Oooh....gotta go.  Need to iron my shoelaces.  Now go chase yourself!