That stressed out try to relax, but that makes it what is your go to?  Ice cream, chocolate, chips, a glass of wine or a brewski?

When I want to chill I usually talk to my brother or a family member.  But what do you think are the most common stress relievers?

  • watching TV or movies
  • snacking
  • talking to family and friends

A survey done for Lenny & Larry's discovered...

...that most Americans (58%) describe themselves as stressed from life events that increase their anxiety such as doing their taxes, unanticipated expenses, or asking someone out on a date...

the survey further revealed...

Americans may crave sweet (62%), salty (48%), and crunchy (40%) snacks such as chocolate (63%), potato chips (58%), and cookies (55%) when stressed, a third of respondents wish there were more great-tasting healthy options.

For more results of the survey check out PR Newswire.