There always seems to be lists of the top cities in America for one thing or another. The list of the top 25 hungover cities in the U.S. has come out...and Buffalo is on it. Shocking (said with sarcasm). What number do we rank at?

Buffalo ranks in at #5 and I don't think this comes as a shock to anyone. I mean, just go to a Bills game. No place seems to tailgate like Buffalo Bills fans do. Buffalo has 6.8 per 10,000 households and 19.4 percent admitted to binge drinking, which is absolutely ridiculous actually when I think about it. That's one out of every five people.

I'm sure Buffalo got off to quite the start in 2013. To see which cities have it the worst, the study from Center for Disease Control's most recent statistics on binge drinking were looked at. The whole time I was wondering how they truly determine this because I am either super lucky and blessed or do something right before I drink because I rarely to never get hungover. But, now that I see it's about binge drinking, this whole survey is a new ball game. Here's the top 10 most hungover cities in America:

10. Las Vegas, NV
9. Springfield, MA
8. Worcester, MA
7. Toldeo, OH
6. Akron, OH
5. Buffalo, NY
4. Pittsburgh, PA
3. New Orleans, LA
2. Milwaukee, WI

Omaha, Nebraska comes in at #1 with 8.3 bars per 10,000 households. But, what did you expect? What is there to do in Nebraska?

Where does the rest of the country rank?

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