Iceman. Cougar. Charlie. And of course, Maverick. Name the movie. Yes, Top Gun. The legendary 1986 movie helped build the star power of a young Tom Cruise. Now, a quarter-century later, "Maverick" might just fly again.

Cruise, in Dubai for the premiere of the latest "Mission:Impossible" movie, told MTV News that he was talking to director Tony Scott about a plot for the sequel, and hoped that a way could be figured out to bring back the iconic Navy fighter pilot.

"Top Gun" was nominated for four Academy Awards, and took home "Best Song" honors for Berlin's Take My Breath Away:

[wwwandrianro, via YouTube]

Other stars of "Top Gun" included Meg Ryan, Anthony Edwards, andVal Kilmer. Cruise didn't mention if any of them would be a part of the sequel.