The images of picking strawberries with my mom, Joy, are some of my fondest and fullest-belly memories.  You'd pick and eat as you go--I know it's slightly wrong, but my friend who runs a pick-as-you-go farm, back in Wisconsin, said "we know folks do that, and average it in the price."  Well, yesterday I went berry picking with my daughters Joelle and Jacki (Jacks).  We did pick and naughty, naughty ate a few on the way.  This time it was blackberries, just as yummy!  That's my youngest Jacki and Me, and a few berries.  Being new to the Buffalo area, we had to dig around for places to go, a listener recommended Bittner-Singer Orchard in Appleton.

jacks and me

Here's a list of top places to pick in Erie Country, and remember apple season is coming up.  Now if I could just get my mom to visit me Buffalo and bake her amazing deep dish apple pie.  I'll get you the recipe :)