Guess where the #1 ranked display is at? Come on, guess!

Everyone can really appreciate some good Christmas lights. Every year, my family gets hot chocolate and we hope in the car and drive all over town and check out all the great light displays. You see all different houses – over the top, elegant, the lawn see it all. Well, we found the top five most impressive Christmas light displays across the country.

See any other light displays in Buffalo or Western New York (or ANYWHERE) that can beat these out?

  • 1

    Buffalo, NY

    Let's Go Sabres!

    And of course there was last years, BillMaxPowers –

  • 2

    Cleveland, OH

    Gone Fishing
  • 3

    Alamogordo, NM

    Cuba Ave. Extravaganza
  • 4

    Atlanta, GA

    Pet Dinosaur
  • 5

    Chicago, IL

    Park Ridge

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