This is my favorite type of gift exchange.  Nobody has anybody, and you hope you end up with something good.  Half of the gifts are decent and the other half are gag gifts.  This is an opportunity to have some fun and give something cool or weird, and hope you get something normal.

Val Townsend and Tony P's Top 5 Gifts for White Elephant Exchange:

1. Beard Hat - Not everyone can grow a beard, but everyone's face gets cold.  How do we solve this problem?  The Beard Hat.  Seriously, what's not to love!

beard hat










2. Bacon Toothpaste - Bacon is one of the greatest food items ever.  There is no debate about that.  Washing away that taste when you brush your teeth is a crime.  Well worry no more!

Bacon Toothpaste











3. Slinky - Do I really need to give a reason?  It's a classic!



4. 6 Pack Beer Holster - This is the best way to stay armed and dangerous at a party.  Always have a cold one ready to go and reload in seconds.  This is a great gift for someone who doesn't trust anyone...with their beer!

6 Pack Beer Holster











5. $100 Bill Toilet Paper - Why burn money when you can just wipe your butt with it!  We can all live out our billionaire dreams and be a part of the 1%.  Now you just need the 24k gold toilet and a bidet.

100 Bill Toilet Paper

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