Keeping your friends close and your enemies closer is a nice thought, but no one is closer to you (literally) than your neighbors.  If you want to improve your living situation, it all starts next door.  This list will hopefully make it easier on you to spread some holiday cheer to the ones that affect your quality of life!


Val Townsend and Tony P's Top 5 Gifts for Neighbors:

1. Gift Card - Just like most of our lists, the power of the Gift Card is tough to beat!  It's almost too easy of a gift, and isn't very personal, but it still gets everyone the most excited when they get it.  Keep your neighbors happy!

2. Alcohol - A nice bottle of wine, or a bottle of Maker's Mark can warm your neighbors heart...or at least keep them buzzed so they forget or don't care that you put up the obnoxious Christmas decorations or don't trim after you mow your lawn.

U.S. Surpasses France To Lead The World In Wine Consumption







3. Personalized Ornament - What better way to symbolize love for thy neighbor than with a personalized ornament.  Every year it will adorn their tree and make them remember how great you are.  These range in price but do not need to be expensive to do the trick!

Felt Photo Ornament

4. Game - This is a great way to initiate a game night with your neighbors or to give their kids something to do so they stop bothering you!  A good family game is the way to go, or if they are not the family game type I would recommend Cards Against Humanity.  That will get the neighborhood talking!

Cards Against Humanity






5. Bake Goods - It's a tradition as old as time itself, or at least as long as neighborhood housing has been around.  If you can bake well this can be a great gift.  If you can't, there is no shame in buying something good and giving it.  Just don't cheap out in that case and pick out something from NOCO.

Apple Pie
Robyn Mackenzie, ThinkStock


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