Movies allow us to live our lives vicariously through the characters.  Who doesn't want to be a Ghostbuster, Boy Wizard, or fighting the Dark Side??  Movies make a great gift and is something that almost everyone can relate to.  Enjoy the list!


Val Townsend & Tony P's Top 5 Gifts for Movie Lovers:


1. Movie Gift Cards - Whether it's to Dipson, Regal, or wherever, gift cards always do the trick.  Movies are expensive, help take the sting away and make someones day.  Make sure there is enough to get some $20 popcorn also.


2. Movie Reel Wine Rack - If you have a home theatre this is a must...even more than the popcorn!













3. Popcorn maker - Movie style popcorn at home?  Sign me up!




4. Movie Quote Picture - How cool is this?  Pick out a movie they like and get a quote picture made.  It's fun, original, and allows you to correct them when they misquote the movie...they always do that!










5. Movie Quote T-Shirt - I have entire relationships based solely on movie quotes.  Get that special someone the shirt to show it off!




Honorable Mentioned: Indiana Jones Face Melting Candle - Are you kidding me??  This might be the coolest candle ever made, contest over, get it for someone you love right now.