Friday's Singles Bash featured 'The Dating Game' hosted by yours truly and my goal was to find true love for some of the singles...and I did!!


Anastasia was brave enough to be our first bachelorette, and after some intense questioning she decided to choose bachelor #2 Ross "The Boss".  They both won gift cards to use on a date, and hit it off immediately!  The pair was seen attached at the hip the rest of the night so it was a success!

Its a match! Ross and Anastasia.
Its a match! Ross and Anastasia.

In round 2 our bachelor Wendell had the difficult job of choosing between 3 beautiful ladies.  It wasn't easy, but in the end he matched up with bachelorette #3 Kayla.  As with the first couple, these two were also inseparable after the game ended.


Does this make me a love guru?  Maybe, we can't rule that out.  What I do know is that love was found last night at Riverworks and who knows where it might lead.  Good luck to the winning couples, and thank you to everyone that participated!