It's Funny Friday so it's time for another one of my 30 Second Comedy Minutes, where we only feature comedians from Buffalo...until we run out of comedians from Buffalo. Relax, that will never happen!


Today's comedian is Brandon Trusso.  He is Buffalo born and raised, and outside of a short stint in LA, he has been here the whole time making people laugh.  Brandon has been doing comedy for 8 years now and is a regular host and feature at Helium Comedy Club.


If you missed Brandon on the show today you can hear him again here.  Also, if you want more from him you can listen in to his comedy podcast SoTru Radio, and follow him on Facebook - Brandon Trusso, on Twitter @SoTru27, and Snapchat - BTru27.

  • Born and raised: Buffalo, NY (spent 2 years in Los Angeles '07-'09)
  • Age started doing comedy: 28
  • First Place Performed: Nietzsche's on Allen
  • Favorite Comedian: Eddie Murphy was my first influence. I re-watch Delirious and Raw to this day and admire his delivery and joke structure. You can tell Pryor was his main influence, who was also great to watch, but to see Murphy do it at the age of 22 with Delirious, amazes me every time I watch it.
  • Little Known Fact: I have been clean and sober for 2 years.  I have recently started to incorporate Sobriety, and my party days war stories into my routine, and have found it very therapeutic...and enlightening that I'm not dead, and I don't have an STD...yet.