For the past few years I have been unable to participate in the 'Movember' movement where men do not shave for the month.  I always had something happening where I just had to shave.  Not this year, I am all in.


Aside from just the fun of not shaving, it is an actual movement to help increase awareness for men's health.  You can read more about the cause here.

Tony P on November 3, 2016

As for me, the last shave I had was on October 31st because I needed a clean face for Halloween.  Now that it is over I will not shave again until December 1st.  Movember is more about the mustache, but I am planning on growing out everything and styling it in some funky way.


This will be a learning experience for me because I am more of a 5 o' clock shadow kind of guy.  Full on mustache or beard is not really my thing.  I did grow a goatee once in college but that's what college was for.  Stay tuned as I will be updating this weekly to show you the progress!


Happy Movember everyone!