This past weekend I had a blast on a boat.  A friend of mine from college owns a boat in Grand Island so our Fams got together and took a trip to Grass Island where the party was pumping.  We dropped the anchor and popped a beer, and began an amazing Sunday!


Stupidly I decided not to wear any sunscreen.  In my defense I am trying to get my base going for the summer.  I'm Italian so we don't burn, we gracefully turn olive.  Unfortunately this time I burned and now my feet are paying the price!

Tony Ps burned feet

 The picture doesn't even do it justice.  Bright red feet with extra white toes.  I don't know why they look like this, I wasn't wearing anything on my feet.  I am relieved because it would probably be worse if I did burn my toes too!


Don't be dumb like me, wear sunscreen.  My feet are on fire and walking is painful.  Learn from my mistakes and do what's right for your skin!