If I told you there was a way to ditch 30 unwanted pounds in a month, your curiosity would be piqued, right?  What if it involved an extreme amount of pain...still interested?

Yeah, this is kind of sick.  A new surgery really pushes the limit.

A Beverly Hills surgeon came up with a patch that's sewn into your tongue.  It leads to major weight loss, major pain and major debt.

The patch is a size of a postage stamp and is made of the same plastic they use to make hula hoops (sounds great, huh?). It's attached to the tongue with six stitches and causes swelling, severe pain and trouble talking.  But since you'll be on a liquid diet as a result, you can lose up to 30 pounds.

You can only "wear" it for a month because it starts to grow out of your tongue...and it costs $2,000. Obviously it is NOT FDA approved and could come with the possibility of infection and even permanent damage.

But hey...weight loss, huh? (Note the sarcasm...)

Time / Alasdair Baverstock

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