In case you missed it this morning, the CDC says flu season is off to its earliest start in nearly a decade.  And, the primary strain that's going around is making people sicker than other types.  Aaaaand (more good news), this is the same strain that made so many people sick (some fatally so) in '03-'04.  Yippee!!!  GET YOUR FLU SHOT!!!

If by chance you DO come down with the bug, here are some delicious ways to make you feel a little better!

1. Hot and sour soup -- hot is always soothing, but spice is what clears your sinuses nicely!
2.  Pho -- along the same lines as traditional Chinese soup, but Vietnamese style!
3.  Swedish bilberry and rose hip soup -- they're winter staples in Sweden.  Rose hip soup is rich in vitamin C.  You can find 'em online, searching for Ekstroms brand "blbrssoppa" and "nyponsoppa".
4.  Hot toddy -- traditional cocktail that can be made with brandy or rum, but I've always been a whiskey gal.  Heat it with fresh lemon, honey, and a cinnamon stick.  Tastes much better than greenish-blue or reddish-orange junk from the drug store, and has the same effect!
5.  Ginger tea -- much like a hot toddy, it's easy to whip up at home when you feel lousy.  Just not as fun as a hot toddy. ;)