Last week, we told you about a survey that found one in three people think back-to-school shopping is more stressful and EXPENSIVE than holiday shopping.  So here are some tips on saving when it comes to back-to-school shopping . . .

1.  Make a list and a budget.  Schools usually send students a list of what your kids will need for the upcoming school year.   You might want to check the Target or Walmart's websites.

2.  Take inventory of what you already have too avoid buying things you don't need.  See if you have squirreled away anything.  You might also want to check your child's backpack.

3.  Use coupons and shop sales. They have been in the paper and online almost daily.

4.  Buy used or refurbished items.  Items, like graphing calculators, may only be used for a short period of time.  So check sites like eBay, Amazon, Apple, and Dell for their refurbished deals.

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