Earlier this week, I told you about a Buffalo theater production, opening next week,  about the life and times of Thurman Thomas.

I've invited Mr. Thomas to the Mix96 studio to chat more about that production...stay tuned!

But in case you missed it last night on WGRZ, he shared a very personal experience with something very close to me -- his daughter's battle with depression.

I truly admire the Thomas family's willingness to be public and outspoken about mental illness, especially the stigma it can bring with it...and especially with young people.

Back in 2013, I shared something on air that I hadn't in my 20 year broadcast career before: I, too, have suffered from depression and anxiety from a very young age.

Then, in 2014 when we lost Robin Williams, I shared a bit more about my experience, and how I've chosen to manage it.

As I say in the piece above, it's not something I'm "proud" of, per se, but it IS something that I "have".

I don’t wear it like a badge, I’m not thrilled with it, and I don’t let it define me.  But it IS a simple fact in my life. In the U.S. alone, 1 in 10 report depression. And I suspect the number would be higher if the stigma didn’t exist.

May is "Mental Health Awareness Month". With the insane popularity of the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, it's important to not only recognize the signs and symptoms of depression in our kids, but also to talk openly and candidly about the topic.  Val Townsend wrote a great article on even more reasons communication is key.



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