It's Throwback Thursday and since the list of 2017 baby names were released this week, we decided to look back 100 years to see what the top baby names of 1917 were.  Would any of them be the same?  The suspense was killing us.


So we gathered the Top 10 from both lists and compared them side by side.  The names from 1917 are in bold parenthesis (), and the 2017 names are listed first.  Turns out that none of the names match up.

Top Baby Names of 2017 vs 1917

              Girls                                 Boys

  1. Emma (Mary)               Liam (John)
  2. Olivia (Helen)               Noah (William)
  3. Ava (Dorothy)               Lucas (James)
  4. Isabella (Margaret)       Mason (Robert)
  5. Sophia (Ruth)               Oliver (Joseph)
  6. Mia (Mildred)                Logan (George)
  7. Amelia (Anna)              Elijah (Charles)
  8. Charlotte (Elizabeth)    Ethan (Edward)
  9. Harper (Frances)          Aiden (Frank)
  10. Aria (Virginia)               Benjamin (Thomas)

There are some classics on the list like Mildred, Ruth, Frances, and Dorothy.  All the bridge game stars!  The boys names weren't so bad, all of these names are still fairly common today.  I'm actually a little partial to them over some of the 2017 names.

Joe Raedle, Getty Images
Joe Raedle, Getty Images

Well then we decided to take it one step further and look at what the baby names would be 100 years from now.  How different will everything be in 2117?  The suspense was killing us.  Don't ask us how, but we obtained the list of baby boy names from 2117! Turns out we have more pull than we thought!

Top Baby Boy Names of 2117

  1. Zoltar
  2. Squidley
  3. Xenilliam
  4. Mostrello
  5. John
  6. Qatario
  7. Kinnex
  8. Rick
  9. Oritron
  10. MegaMike

Don't ask how we acquired these, it's not important.  We have enough to worry about with the FCC, we don't need the Men in Black on us as well.