I'm sure you had a similar reaction I did when I heard today's news...."PRINCE???? No WAY."  I haven't felt this way since the day Michael Jackson passed away.

At 57, Prince was an icon.  But before that, he was already a legend.

His music spread like wildfire through the halls of my musical appreciation, especially in the early 80s when my brother got his hands on a copy of the Purple Rain soundtrack.  And watching the movie?  I was only 10 or 12, so the racy scenes were still very taboo.

Not one of us in my circle of friends -- guys and girls -- didn't try to emulate his style, whether with crazy swept-over curled hair, pain-staking eyeliner work, or just nailing the perfect amount of "blouse" in our white sleeves.

From Darling Nikki encouraging Tipper Gore's rage and evolving into Parental Advisory stickers, to his "symbol" phase which gave me one of my ALL time favorite songs "7"...there are SO many memories with his music.

I have much more to share, as I'm sure you do.

Please, share yours...we'll relay your memories, favorites, and stories tomorrow morning on the Mix Morning Rush around 7:20.  


Michael Ochs Archives via Stringer