Last month I went into Buffalo Wild Wings and ordered char-ba-que wings. "We don't have that type," the waitress said.

Okay. "May I have a pitcher of beer?"

Then the bartender says, "We don't serve pitchers." Just as I was about to complain about this restaurant again, they go and do something wonderful changing my view of them.

Brian Avery was the waiter at the Tacoma, Washington Buffalo Wild Wings location, when he was asked an unusual request from a customer. She was alone and ordered two beers, and Brian said that he could only serve one beer at a time. I'm ready to complain again. She told Brian that she wouldn’t be drinking the Corona. That beer was for her brother, a fallen soldier who lost his life in Iraq.

The restaurant paid for the beer, and she tweeted the note on the receipt that expressed her gratitude.

And Brian just could not pour out the beer. He placed it on top of a cooler next to an American Flag. That's what I call patriotism and we thank all Veterans for their service to our country.