I couldn't pass up sharing this story because it truly embodies what "Tell Me Something Good" is all about...

Meet 7-year-old Rowyn Montgomery a second-grader who has a message that we could all learn from, especially today.

Rowan believes “Everybody’s different and everyone is good in their own ways,” and that “Believing in yourself is always the right thing to do.”

This second-grader posts inspirational videos because it makes him feel good...

“When I make videos, it makes me feel happy that other people can watch them and feel happy,” Montgomery said. “If they’re getting picked on or if they’re shy or something, they can watch the videos.”

According to ABC6 News Rowyn started making videos after he was bullied in school. He didn’t want kids that had a similar experience to him to feel isolated, so he decided to talk about what he went through.

“I have a unibrow and I used to be picked on because of it. But, I don’t care because I’m myself!” Montgomery said. “With bullies, it doesn’t matter what they think about you, it matters what you think about yourself and it’s good to embrace yourself and tell other people who you are.”

Now, his mom helps him with his videos that are about anything that might bother someone: from COVID, to back to school, anxiety, he's covered it all.

“Some people have anxiety and stuff especially with this bad virus going on. It’s like a tornado that’s going to right through your house!”

His latest message of inspiration has a little insight into what the incoming second grader is thinking.

“Believe in yourself that you can get through second grade and other grades! God knows how many other grades there’s going to be!”


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