"Big box store"

"Discount retailer"

Whatever you want to call this GIANT, without naming the name, here are some things you're not supposed to buy at the 'mart according to a recent report:

  1. Hi Def TVs -- good prices, but the TVs aren't that great, and you could find a better quality one for the same price elsewhere.
  2. Nuts and seeds -- Almonds are about $1.50/lb at this place...you can find cheaper.
  3. Gift cards -- websites offer some for less than face value.
  4. Laptops -- better machines at better prices can be found with a little research online.
  5. Wrapping paper -- $1 stores....nuff said.
  6. Large appliances -- things like refrigerators tend to be on sale, with free delivery, at other "department" stores.
  7. Batteries -- save a lot more at warehouse stores
  8. Sheets -- better quality ones are out there...ya get what you pay for.
  9. Pre-paid cell phones -- the coverage isn't great, customer service low-rated, and the phones aren't quite all they're cracked up to be.
  10. Groceries -- there's a few deals to get you in the door, but overall, prices are still better at a grocery store.