Heat and humidity are returning to the forecast today...with 80 degrees temps for the rest of the week...

With that in mind, dehydration could pose a real problem during the hot summer months...and it can creep up on you...

  • There's more to dehydration than just thirst. Other common symptoms include headaches, muscle cramps, and dark-colored urine.
  • Even after spending time outside on a hot day, dehydration can happen hours or days later which makes it important to hydrate the days before and after.
  • Summer heat is a big factor in people becoming dehydrated, but humidity also plays a role.  When it's muggy outside you might sweat more, leading to a loss of fluids.
  • The general rule to follow on how much to drink is eight 8-ounce glasses per day.  But everybody's different, depending on weight, activity, and how much coffee and alcohol you drink.
  • Remember you need a mix of water AND electrolytes to stay hydrated, which you can get from sports drinks, coconut water, dairy, or the salt in your food.

Alison Harris, a nurse for on-demand healthcare provider DispatchHealth tell us...

“Make sure you’re listening to your body,” Harris said. “Make sure you’re not afraid to get help.”


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(Dallas News)