Sure Halloween is months away but if you're into ghost hunting all year round, you don't want to miss this event. On Saturday, May 14th,  2016, from 8pm to 12am, the first public ghost hunt of the historic former rail hub in Buffalo's Central Terminal will take place.

Get set to explore some very spooky areas within the Buffalo Central Terminal.  If you have ghost hunting equipment, please bring it. Members of 'Beyond Ghosts',known for reporting paranormal phenomena, will be there and will have equipment.

You'll get goosebumps as you search many different areas within the terminal. You can join a guided tour or if you have the guts, search independently.

The do ask, please NO alcohol, drugs, food, glass products, or weapons brought inside the building, plus bring a valid state issued ID.

The Buffalo Central Terminal has been known for paranormal activity for decades and now it's your opportunity to find out for yourself with assistance from Beyond Ghosts.

Hey, what was that!!! I heard something!

[Beyond Ghosts]