I recently ran across a report from msn money that talked about the top five ways Americans waste money! Some of these I've figured out over the years, some are like light bulbs that come on in your head! We're all looking for ways to save so see if you are doing any of these:

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    Buy used cars instead of new

    I love the smell of a new car and I used to buy them! Then my kids got into college and suddenly used cars were an option. Well it turned out to be a good option. What I spend a month on two used car payments would equal one new car payment. By the way, you can buy a new car smell spray to make the used car experience complete!

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    Negotiate the price

    Everything now a days is negotiable. But really it has always been like that! I remember my Dad relishing the chance to negotiate a price on a floor model TV! So don't be afraid to make an offer!

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    Buy Generic products

    When generics first came out they weren't very good. But they've improved quite a bit. Some of them are better than name brands. Be choosey, and when it comes to prescription drugs, ask for the generic. Big savings there!

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    Buying a house that's too big

    Owning a home is the American dream. When we go shopping for a house we have a long list of what we want. To get everything on that list usually requires a big house with a price that's over budget. A house is an emotional decision but step back and ask yourself "do I really need all this?"

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    Credit vs.cash

    Boy does this require discipline! Credit is an easy way to acquire more stuff but the interest rates are brutal.The rule of thumb is if you can't pay cash for it, you probably can't afford it!

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