There is nothing worse then moving into a new community and starting school. When I started fifth grade I moved from a rural school to a suburban school and was terrified! But as a parent you can do things to help!

Help your child get acclimated

Does the school offer orientations? Your child should attend. Nothing scared me more than not knowing where my locker was, and how much time I had to open it!  I Used to have dreams that I would forget where it was!

Find a friend!

I remember when I starting my new school and being terrified!  Help your child find a buddy that can show them around. Hopefully they’ll sit with them at lunch. Isn't finding someone to eat with at lunch if you’re new to the school one of the most terrifying things ever! It was for me!

What to wear?

You need to know the school dress code, but more important is what the style is at the school. I remember showing up in dress pants when everyone else wore jeans! Kids can be cruel and will let you know you are out style!

Get organized!

Back in my day there was no teacher list of must have items. You showed up with paper and pencils. Now I think its good teachers publish their lists. It creates a comfort zone for the student knowing they are prepared!

Help with memorizing your schedule

Another big fear of mine, not remembering where I was supposed to be and at what time, plus finding the room caused a lot of anxiety!

So team up with your child and help make the transition as smooth as possible!