Having worked for a time as a District Supervisor for a large coffee chain, this subject rings true to me, and may help you to be served faster and appreciated MORE at your morning, midday or afternoon stop.

  1. Know what you are going to order before you approach the Drive Thru or counter.  There are people in line behind you, and nothing is more annoying than waiting for a team member to re-make a drink that wasn't ordered properly.
  2. Ask if you aren't sure about ordering, "a regular", "double double", "triple triple" all mean a specific coffee made with cream and sugar, if you want milk or a sugar substitute you have to specify that.
  3. Do you want espresso, flavors, lemon.  Is your ice tea or iced coffee sweetened or unsweetened?
  4. Remember whenever you add extras to your beverage there is usually a charge (hot chocolate with whipped cream).
  5. If you want iced coffee or tea, make sure you specify that when you first order.
  6. Most important...if you know exactly what you want, and don't want to wait thru a line, making the team member and those with you happier use the mobile app.

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