The SPCA is bursting at it's seems and in expanding. Their new home will be at 300 Harlem Road in West Seneca. This location will allow them to better handle their animal population, and will allow them to care for more injured wildlife in their growing rehabilitation program. tells us:

It will provide community members with better access to our programs and services, and students’ access to many different educational opportunities. It will create efficiencies that will permit a greater percentage of funds to be devoted to animal care. And it will help assure that Erie County remains a kind, caring community dedicated to the humane treatment of all creatures.


Please join them at The Rusty Buffalo on Center Road in West Seneca for the "SPCA Gets Rusty" fundraiser. Your generosity to the animal community is just what our friends at the SPCA need right now. Thanks for your support.

The SPCA, is currently located at 205 Ensminger Road in Tonawanda and has been their main facility for more than 50 years. This expansion is well deserved, and needed.