So, what do you think the most profitable products in the U.S. are?

Think of things you might use every day.

If you guessed the iPhone, you are one smart cookie.

#1 -- The iPhone has a 40 percent profit margin. That's a big return for those Apple guys.  The company made $156.5 billion in 2012. The iPhone made up $80.5 billion of that!

#2 -- Marlboro cigarettes (sold by the Altria Group/Phillip Morris) have a 30 percent profit margin. Altria's smokeable products made $22.8 billion in 2012, and 85 percent of that was on Marlboro cigs.

#3 -- Monster Energy Drinks. When I saw this one, I said really?? I guess so, according to the study from Yahoo! Finance. The drinks made up 92.3 percent of the company's $2.1 billion earnings in 2012.

#4 -- Coke products. 25 percent profit margin.

#5 -- Enfamil Infant Formula. 24 percent profit margin.

#6 -- Folgers Coffee. 23.6 percent profit margin.

#7 -- Garmin GPS devices. 15 percent profit margin.