Being the Morning Guy on 961 The Breeze is a GREAT job!  Come in, do your air shift and go home.  Get paid for something you LOVE to do, and I LOVE doing it, but Mother Nature sometimes throws a monkey wrench into the works.  It started with a Winter Storm Watch issued by the National Weather Service Office in Buffalo, then that was upgraded to a Winter Storm Warning. No problem, I live in the Northtowns...we never get the snow that Buffalo and the Southtowns get.

Coming to work Tuesday was a piece of cake relatively little snow in the Northtowns (as usual), then someone (probably my sister Annmarie) made a "Snow-vena" (a Novena for snow) and voila here come the winds and the snow...hitting the Northtowns first, with a vengeance.  So Wednesday morning I got up at 3 a.m. to make sure I arrived in time to do my show at  6 a.m.   No problem aside from about 12 plows, I was the only one on the road...perfect got to the radio station at 4:30 a.m.

The time that I usually go home came and office mate Dave said around 1 p.m. everything should shift south and you can head back to Lewiston.  Then came the Blizzard Warning (remember the "Snow-vena" ughhh).  Then the State of Emergency and the Travel Bans, thanks Dave.

But the Management at Townsquare Media came through, overnight accomodations here in downtown Buffalo in walking distance from the radio station. Ahhh the glamorous life of a Morning DJ. I might even sleep-in!