When Tracy Morgans character on 30 Rock was upset talking to a Bill Cosby impressionist on the phone, I though it was hilarious...but I had no idea at the time of the irony.

Tina Fey who wrote and produced the hit television show 30 Rock, no only jabbed at Cosby back in 2009, but back in 05 while a cast member of SNL, She and Amy Poehler had a little fun with the subject.

According to an article recently published in Time Magazine:

actress and comedian Tina Fey was taking shots at Bill Cosby rape allegations nearly a decade ago.

“Though it took many years, criticism from people inside the industry like Fey may have helped to empower Cosby’s alleged victims to speak out about what happened to them.

All in all it is a sad story as Bill Cosby is a beloved actor and comedian who has entertained millions for decades. If these allegation are true, we hope Bill takes the steps needed to heal himself and his alleged victims.

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