Over a year ago, we asked Buffalonians what emoji they felt was missing from the Facebook repertoire (they recently added, then removed, the "thankful" flower...much to users' dismay).  While those kinks still get worked out, we have this to look forward to.

The group that regulates the official set of emojis (yes, there's a group...that REGULATES them...) announced they're strongly considering adding different HAIR types in the 2018 set.

Its about time my bald-headed brother had his own.

If you're a pink- or blue-haired guy or gal, you're still out of luck. But gingers are fully represented now.  They should hit your phone by middle of next year.

But before then, we're due for another big burst this summer, including:

  • zombies
  • mermaids
  • head exploding ("mind blown") as above
  • dinosaurs
  • a cricket
  • foods like a sandwich, broccoli, a pretzel, and a cup with a straw

You can preview all of them here.


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