Out with the old & in with the new for Taylor Swift. The romance with Conor Kennedy has ended and she has wasted no time at all getting a new one.

You now need three hands to count all the boyfriends Swift has had in the past couple of years. Harry Styles, of British boyband One Direction and Swift has reportedly been seen out in public days following Swift's performance last week on the X Factor. In fact, they were even spotted "hand in hand", according to Mario Lopez, who hosts X Factor.

Facebook/Harry Styles
Facebook/Harry Styles

Hopefully, if this does all work out we'll get some collaborations from the two of them. But, hopefully Harry doesn't get to close to quick. She's been known to get rid of her latest flings in under six months. Perhaps one of her ex-boyfriends should write a song about HER called, "Maybe It's You".

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