Taylor Swift name-dropped a few of her famous friends, her brother, her Tumblr account and her fans during her countless acceptance speeches the 2015 Billboard Music Awards tonight (May 17). We assume Taylor is so used to winning every award she's up for that she probably doesn't even write out her speeches at this point — because she doesn't need to. Her current strategy seems to begin with looking into the crowd until she hones in on a particular person, or a group of people, or some larger concept she recently latched onto (such as feminism). Her words then spew forth like a fountain of earnest gratitude and it's all so unrehearsed, so off-the-cuff, so every-girl of her.

Taylor doesn't just thank Max Martin and Ryan Tedder and all these other musical powerhouses who breathe a special type of air that's filtered away from the general public. No: She channels Barack Obama when she references the power of change in one speech, and she's  a strong, independent woman with a newfound gaggle of gal pals in another. And it's all very performative, which we suppose is part of her success.

Even when Taylor's definitely-maybe boyfriend Calvin Harris has to prod her to the stage because she stopped paying attention the split second her name was called, she's ready with a speech heavy on gratitude -- an impressive feat, when you wind up winning as many awards as Taylor did tonight.

You can watch her speeches from the 2015 Billboard Music Awards above and below.

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