The animated "The Lego Movie 2" apparently did not fare as well at the box office this past weekend as the studio had expected, earning 34.4 million dollars, 50% short of the 2014 "The Lego Movie".  It was still opened at number one, but it may put the future of the franchise in question.

As a consumer, less need to worry because it did open to positive reviews and with the President's Day weekend coming up, and kids out of school we may see more of a return. The movie about the famous toy brand is still a charmer, and no reason not to take the kids to see it.

“Absence making the heart grow fonder is a rare situation,” said Jeff Bock, a box office analyst with Exhibitor Relations. “It’s not the case for kids. They grow out of things quickly.”


While, according to Variety this probably will not mark the end of the Lego series. That being said executives from Warner Brothers may need to pick up and rearrange the pieces.