Wedding Day Advice From The Experts
Before you get married you get a LOT of advice about the wedding. You'll ignore most of it, because that's just human nature . . . so maybe this can be your guide of what you should actually listen to.
Buffalo’s Worst Marriage Proposal Stories [LIST]
All of my friends are starting to get engaged and listening to one of my friend's ideas to propose was hard to listen to. It was the worst idea that I have ever heard and I can't even imagine what his girlfriend would think after she was done being excited...
LOOK: Bridesmaid Gets Kicked Out Of Wedding Via Email
This girl was planning on being in a wedding and flying to the bride's fesitivities, but she was suddenly "relinquished of her duties" AN EMAIL! She gained a lot of attention when she tweeted at JetBlue saying she wouldn't mind a refund…

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