Do You Think This Is Rude? Why She Didn't Go To Wedding
Well, this is kind of rude.
After Meghan Markel's father did not attend the Royal Wedding over the weekend, but he couldn't go for medical reasons. Good reason, though...right?
We got talking this morning of all the reasons why people would not go to someone's wedding...
This is Hilarious! Son Starts Peeing During Proposal
I'm dead LOL
I feel ya kid. Sometimes ya just gotta go when ya gotta go.
A proposal video went viral after a Michigan couple's young son dropped his pants in the background of their romantic moment. Dad went to go get on one knee and it was simultaneous when their son got off of the ledge of…
Proposal at Waterfall Goes Terribly Wrong [VIDEO]
I'm sure we all have watched plenty of incredible proposal videos! You know.. the ones that give us the feels. Maybe just reliving your own proposal moment in your mind brings back great memories.
But for one couple they, and the rest of the world will remember their moment as tragic. A y.…
Watch this Amazing Father and Daughter Wedding Dance
As you may or may not know this about me, besides working on the air for Mix 96 I also work as a Dj for special events, parties, weddings, etc. I've seen more special dances then  I have seen movies. One of those special dances is the traditional Father and Daughter dance...
Top 5 Wedding Reception Pet Peeves in Buffalo [LIST]
As wedding season is upon us, we go to these elegant, beautiful weddings to celebrate our friends and family. Though as big and elegant as these events are, there's always that one thing that really just ticks you off.
Earlier we got tons of calls of your pet peeves that included anything from "…

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