New Wedding Venue Coming to WNY Where Earl’s Used To Be
Pioneer Motor Sports bought the property and has given it the good ole wrecking ball in order to make room for their wedding venue that will be going in! A brand new wedding venue will be on Route 16 in Chaffee in the future! The wedding venue will be called The Annex WNY...
Ladies, This New Engagement Ring Trend Is Wild?
I don't know about this one. Ladies what do you say?
The say diamonds are forever, right?
The new trend is that instead of getting engagement rings, they're getting FINGER PIERCINGS! It's a type of micro-dermal piercing that replaces where the ring would actually slide on...
Giraffe Jumps in Wedding Pictures is Hilarious
Could you imagine?!
There was a couple getting married and they wanted to take pictures on an animal reservation. To their surprise, while the bride and groom were holding hands posing for the camera they got an unexpected visitor. The giraffe hung out for about 20 minutes while the photographer just…
Best 11 Locations for Wedding Pictures Around Buffalo
Where are the best places to take pictures with your wedding party in Buffalo? Here are some of the most popular spots of picture locations in WNY for your big day.
As we enter the next season of weddings around town, here's a list that will help you get your brain jogging with ideas...
Do You Think This Is Rude? Why She Didn't Go To Wedding
Well, this is kind of rude.
After Meghan Markel's father did not attend the Royal Wedding over the weekend, but he couldn't go for medical reasons. Good reason, though...right?
We got talking this morning of all the reasons why people would not go to someone's wedding...
This is Hilarious! Son Starts Peeing During Proposal
I'm dead LOL
I feel ya kid. Sometimes ya just gotta go when ya gotta go.
A proposal video went viral after a Michigan couple's young son dropped his pants in the background of their romantic moment. Dad went to go get on one knee and it was simultaneous when their son got off of the ledge of…
10 Barn Weddings You Can Have in Western New York [LIST]
You just got engaged and you are looking to put a date on the calendar for your big day. First thing you have to do? Start calling wedding venues and looking for availability. If you're looking for something totally different with a little country flavor for your wedding, these barn venues around We…

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