The 7 Best WNY Restaurants On The Waterfront for 2018 [LIST]
Western New York is home to some of the coolest, unique restaurants, but most cities don't have what Buffalo has--a waterfront. We get some of the coolest views of sunsets over the water while we enjoy dinner (and if we are really having fun, we're still there for the sunrises)
Here are the…
Water Main Break In Depew
The frigid temperatures have caused lots of water issues this winter, from freezing pipes in your home to affecting the roadways with several water main breaks.
Drink More Water……. [VIDEO]
Do you get enough water everyday?  According to the Mayo Clinic, the average man should take in over 3 liters a day and the average woman 2 liters!  This nifty video shows what happens if you continue to deprive yourself of something so simple and yet so essential...
Drink More Water
We know that we should be drinking more water, but we aren't! I have replaced the soda I had been consuming with water, and I've lost a couple of pounds, but there are other health benefits to drinking more water!

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