Parents, Walmart Is Having A Baby Savings Day This Weekend
Pass this around if you're a parent or about to be!
Walmart is going to have Baby Savings Day in order to help new parents and the babies get products and services they may need. The Baby Savings Day will
Baby Savings Day will happen at certain Walmarts across the country...
Police Calls to Local Walmart
In just one year Western New York police agencies have spent an average amount of $400,000.00 responding to calls from Walmart stores in Erie County.
But what's more shocking is the exact amount of calls police received from the 6 stores! Acc...
Deep Fried Twinkies
Gone are the days you have to wait for the Erie County Fair to get your fill of deep-fried Twinkies.
Something THAT unhealthy needs to be available to the general public 365 days a week, no?
(Note the dripping sarcasm.)
But if this is your thing, this may be the best day ever...
Walmart Bus Stop
Cheektowaga's new Walmart SuperCenter will open Wednesday morning, and with that an agreement has been made for a new bus stop.
The Walden Avenue location, replacing the old one near Harlem, announced an agreement that includes an NFTA bus stop at the Garden Center entrance...
Walmart Scam
One Walmart employee said that she works there and these checks look nothing like what they issue. Another from a Texas location says, "Our Walmart doesn't issue checks. Direct deposit or debit card only." So beware, this is likely an attempt by scammers designed to clean out …

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