Hey Western New York Time To Take A Walk...Seriously
As recently as last week, the best way to relieve Buffalo stress was, for some to head to the nearest restaurant, bar or gym. Not anymore. With Governor Cuomo's closure of the restaurants (except for takeout), bars and gyms, along with schools, movie theaters and any other place where people …
The Proper Way To Fall On Ice
With the recurring ice storms we have been experiencing this Winter I thought it timely to investigate the proper way to fall on ice...like we have a choice.
5,000 Will Do Buffalo's Garden Walk This Weekend
If you've never gone before you have to check it out! All of these neighborhoods in Buffalo combine for over 400 gardens that participate in the walk. It's absolutely FREE.
Buffalo Garden Walk 2018
Saturday and Sunday July 28 & 29, 2018
10 AM-4 PM
You'll be able to grab a ma…
Benefits of Walking [Sponsored]
Running obviously has a ton of health benefits, but not everyone can get out there and jog 10 miles to burn calories. Fortunately, studies are showing that walking can be just as good for your overall health (THANK GOD), and in some cases is even more beneficial than running (especially around a poo…
Firming The Buns With The Treadmill
I have no idea what happened to winter and I have been waking up to the birds singing the praises of the warm weather. If you like to exercise, you've been able to do it all winter without much hesitation because of the weather.