What Did Eric Jordan Wear While at The Polls Today?
Today is Election Day, we've been waiting for what feels like eternity for it to all be over with! If you're like me, you're beyond ready to just have a final answer to who will be our next President.
In a time where we all are feeling stressed and extremely divided, I wanted to …
Thinking Of Taking A Voting Selfie? Think Again.
We take selfies of ourselves doing everything. Why not on November 8th when you hit the polls?
Because it's illegal in New York state.
On Wednesday's episode of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake talked about his illegal selfie, when he participated in early voting in his h…
No Buttons or Pins Allowed in Polling Places Today
True story.
According to the New York State law, you are prohibited to wear pro-candidate buttons, stickers and t-shirts, bring posters or banners within 100 feet of polling places when open. Most times, polling places will not say anything and for the most part, if they say anything at all, they may…