Things That Can Cause A Vacation Disaster
Things that are known to either ruin or put a serious dent in your vacation plans; a cold or the flu, missing a flight...traffic jams...and those are just a few I have either heard about or personally dealt with.
Top 5 Road Trip Destinations For Your Kids From Buffalo, NY
Ever want to just get away for a vacation, but you don't know where to go because you don't have enough time with the kids? Sometimes you only have a day or two, but you want something that your kids will enjoy too?
Here's 5 of the top ranked weekend trips from Buffalo that are dooable…
Take More Vacation Days!
"We've heard that over 400,000,000 vacation days go unused every year!" How is this possible! I know taking a vacation is expensive but lots of people these days are taking "staycations" and there are a ton of great sites right here in WNY to check out...