New Computer Virus
This is bad timing (or "good" timing if you're one of those JERKS who thinks it's cool to sit in your parent basement developing viruses that attack people's computers....).
There's a new virus circulating called the UPS/FedEx/USPS Delivery Failure...
Tips For Holiday Shipping
UPS delivers about 16 MILLION packages every single day (and you thought YOUR to-do list was big!). So how do you make sure your package doesn't get trashed along the way?
Singing UPS Guy Is Modern Day Santa
Here's a nice UPS man singing a Christmas song about how he's basically a modern-day Santa. He actually makes a good point. Plus, he can sing. Our favorite part is at the end when he offers up the disclaimer that he wasn't slacking on the job, since he's on a scheduled break...
Busy Day For Deliveries!
Today is expected to be the biggest mail and package delivery day of the year for both the Postal Service and UPS.  After handling an estimated 801 million postmarked cards and letters and millions of packages this past Monday,