University of Buffalo

University of Buffalo’s Oozefest 2016 From the Air [VIDEO]
Up to 200 teams met up this weekend to splash around in the mud and play volleyball at the University of Buffalo's Oozefest.
Each spring, University of Buffalo students, alumni and volunteers participate in Oozefest, one of the country's largest double-elimination collegiate mud volleyball …
Chainsmokers At UB Spring Fest!
It's almost time for Spring Fest at the University of Buffalo!  Ticketmaster announced this year the DJ duo/group The Chainsmokers bring their EDM sound to the yearly festival that in the past featured acts such as The Band Perry, Jason Mraz, The Tragically Hip, Sugar Ray and several other…
Vending Machine Prank! [VIDEO]
This talking vending machine video catches Western New York college students by surprise when the “machine” asks them to work off their snacks right then.  How many jumping jacks would you do for a candy bar?