UB Student Dies After Hazing Incident
A UB student has passed away after a hazing incident that occurred at a fraternity house on Custer Street. Apparently, he was found on the front lawn after a hazing scenario that involved excessive exercise that caused cardiac arrest, something that many would think wouldn't result in death...
UB Ranks Highest Ever on Best Colleges List
Right in our back yard we have one of the best schools of the country.
The University at Buffalo has ranked the highest it has ever been on the on the list.
UB ranked at #89 on the U.S. News Rankings "America's Best Colleges" and there was four way tie for third place...
RANKINGS: The Smartest Colleges Around Buffalo [LIST]
It's not a shock that the numbers for these Buffalo-area colleges are so high, as New York has one of the best education standards and systems in the country. University at Buffalo leads the pack in many categories including Highest Test Scores, Highest Graduation Rates and Highest Retention Rates (…

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