Beer Internship
We love our food and our beer here in WNY.  If you're just brewing that second cup of nasty office coffee this morning and thinking "Ya know, I wish there was a job I could sample world-famous beers and get paid for it", read on.
There's an internship up for grabs...
Closed Part of I-90 Tonight
A reminder that tonight part of the I-90 will be closed for road construction.
According to NITTEC that construction will take place on the the section of the I-90 between the William Street and 190 exits. To fix the bridge that was hit this past July...
These Parents Blew My Mind!
So I just got back home from my vacation to Mexico. Though I have many memories from the resort itself, one particular memory really stood out.
My flight to Mexico was out of the Toronto Airport. It was a five-hour non-stop flight and every seat was completely sold out...

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