These 10 Summer Toys Made The “Unsafe” List
Summer time means school is done and children are encouraged to get outside, explore, and play!...But are the toys your kids playing with safe? A new list has come out that informs parents of ten toys they should avoid buying their children this summer.
Fake Toy Playset
This week a photo of a fake Fisher-Price toy went viral. The photo of the toy was for "Happy Hour Playset", in which it was a bar for toddlers complete with bar stools!
According to WGRZ internet comedian Amiri King shared this fake photo to his Facebook page...
Dangerous Toys List
One of my all-time favorite episodes of SNL was the "Holiday Edition of Consumer Probe" from 1976 with the incomparable Dan Akroyd. He defends 'Bag of Glass' and a teddy bear with a built in chainsaw. (Watch it here!)
Unfortunately, there are some real toys out there …
Tuesday's election results have some people really upset. Let me tell you what I'm really upset about.
Perhaps only second to the allure of a big, empty cardboard box, bubble wrap is the best non-toy toy for kids (ok, me too) throughout all generations lucky enough to be alive in the age of…

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