2018 Buffalo Fall Checklist + Events Guide
Here's your checklist for Fall this year around Buffalo! Make sure you get in all of the basics before time runs out in a couple of weeks...while you're not watching the Buffalo Bills of course!
It's like every Fall in Buffalo you have to do your regular checklist:

Cider Mill
Apple Picking
Who Is TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year? [LIST]
Who would you put at the top of the list? Who is TIME Maganize's Person of the Year?
Now, remember that this is not the most important person on the earth or the most influential. This is more of the person or people that have been in the spotlight the most in the entire world in the last year
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Guilty Pleasure, Wasting Time On Social Media
I know a lot of people who have a Facebook wall, a MySpace page, and they tweet on Twitter too! How do they find the time to sort through friend requests, upload and tag photos, choose background and songs, not to mention stalking ex-boyfriends...