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Biggest Job Misconceptions [AUDIO]
"You have it so make tons of money, get to meet celebrities all the time, go to shows for free, and only work 4 hours a day."
In 17 years in the radio business, I've heard things like this on more than one occasion, and for 99...
Is She Or Isn't She? [VIDEO]
Yesterday we shared the Instagram post that caused baby-bump speculation around the world (ok, maybe that's a little dramatic) that Beyonce was expecting again.
Michelle Williams, one of the original Destiny's Child members, appeared on The View yesterday to "clarify" the …
Jenny McCarthy Officially Joins ‘The View’
After much speculation, anti-vaccination crusader Jenny McCarthy has officially been confirmed by Barbara Walters as the new co-host on 'The View,' replacing exiting host Joy Behar.
Let's just hope she keeps her opinions on medicine to herself.

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