Buffalo Love in Court
The defendant in this case clearly doesn't like the way her boyfriend treated her, but does love the way our city of Buffalo treats her – just one problem, she enjoyed our city on his dime. The first case in the episode of "The People's Court" clearly shows Buffalo …
Buy Your Box?
Are we stuck in Western New York having to rent a cable box from Time Warner Cable? Everyone I've asked in Buffalo says that their cable and satellite companies force them to rent the boxes needed in order to turn on the TV. The FCC thinks that should stop.
Powerful Commercial
My cousin is a veteran who lost his legs in Afghanistan and he is a soldier that carries memories that we don't have to. I found this commercial to be very powerful and it was nominated for the 'Gouden Loeki' (Dutch commercial award) which is an advertising award that the public votes…
Unseen King Appearance
If you have 'getTV' tune in as they'll rebroadcast a Martin Luther King Jr. appearance on The Merv Griffin Show that has never been seen by the general public.This is one of the most legendary episodes of the Merv Griffin Show and is on Monday, January 18, 2016 at 10 p.m. ET/7:00 p.m.…
ABC Family Gone?
There are only a few television channels I can put on for my son Dylan and not worry about the programming content. Disney Channel, Nick Jr, and ABC Family are regulars in our household but now I'm wondering about ABC's new freeform attitude for this family friendly television station.
Top Sports Highlights
I would of liked to see Jack Eichel's first goal as a Buffalo Sabre make this list, but I guess we'll just have to settle with ABC News and their count down of the top moments in sports from the year 2015.
The Skunk Spray Prank
I would of freaked out just as much as morning hosts Mike DiGiacomo and Mary Nelson of "The Morning Blend" did when this animal expert played a stinky trick on them. "You're totally safe with skunks," Kip Smith from the nonprofit Wildlife Encounters explained…
Parents Got Game
Last year on one of Steve Harvey's 'Just One More Thing' segment he said, "Teenagers are notorious for being annoyed when they have to speak their parents. Check out some of these exchanges between moms and their kids."
If you've had this kind of interaction with…
Jared Mocked 'Predators'
You are about to see video of ex-subway pitchman, Jared Fogle’s appearance on a VH-1 special highlighting individuals who’ve been caught in Chris Hansen’s web on the ‘To Catch a Predator’ show. You'll see Jared criticize the …

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